Body Contouring

  1. Side view of women with her hands on hips after liposuction body contouring


    If you have excess fat you want to remove, liposuction may be for you! This body contouring procedure involves the removal of excess and unwanted fat. What’s more is that Korea is one of the top destinations for safe, expert liposuction. In fact, plastic surgery clinics in Korea possess a wide range of treatments including ultrasound, laser, and traditional methods of liposuction. So, you can get your desired body within a short period of time! Moreover, the cost of liposuction in Korea is affordable and you receive the best services available. So relax and book a free consultation with us today!

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  2. Doctor and patient preparing for a tummy tuck procedure

    Tummy Tuck

    Additionally, we offer tummy tucks so you can achieve the body of your dreams. Often times, after losing a large amount of weight we can be left with a large amount of excess skin. Indeed, tummy tucks are a body contouring surgery for stretch mark removal. First, the excess fat is removed. Then the muscles are tightened, resulting in a firmer and smoother abdomen.  While some scarring will occur, Korean doctors are the best at minimizing the appearance of scars due to tummy tucks. In fact, this is one of the best options for body contouring. So relax knowing that our innovative surgeons and luxurious clinics can help you achieve the body of your dreams!

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  3. Picture of women's butt after going through butt augmentation surgery

    Butt Augmentation

    Moreover, we offer butt augmentation to help lift and increase the fullness of your bottom! As a matter of fact, this body contouring procedure involves buttock implants, fat grafting or sometimes a combination of the two. Likewise, liposuction may also be implemented to improve bottoms. Not only can butt augmentation result in changing the shape of your bottom but it can also tighten the skin. In fact, the doctors and clinics we connect you with are some of the most sublime and unparalleled in all of Seoul! Rest assured you are in safe hands. And get connected with the most luxurious, innovative clinics and doctors today!

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