Body Contouring

Losing weight is a journey that many people take. But for many, a diet and exercise can not give people the full transformation they desire. Some people need a kickstart procedure to start their weight loss journey, others need a post weight loss procedure to help instill more self-esteem in their new body.  In this article, we will show you three body contouring procedures done in Korea, that will help your weight loss journey, and help you feel confident in your body and self-image.   


What is Body Contouring  


When you ask what is the number one reason many people decide to work out and exercise, it is most likely that weight loss is the reason. For both health and aesthetic reasons, losing weight is a priority goal for people all over the world. This is why many people look for something to help aid either the beginning or end of their journey, which is where body contouring comes in.  


Now each of our bodies has a fixed number of fat cells. When we gain weight, we do not produce more fat cells, instead, the cells get bigger. So when we lose weight they get smaller. So body contouring removes the fat cells and once they are gone they can not be replaced. 

 The remaining fat cells can still get bigger or smaller depending on your weight. With body sculpting, those stubborn fat cells which are hard to get rid of through just diet and exercise are removed. This leaves you with a sculpted look to your body.  


It is important to remember that the reason you look thinner is not due to losing weight but fat cells. These procedures are not for just extreme weight loss, they are an aid to your journey but not the sole part. That is because there are only so many fat cells that can be safely removed from the body at once.  

These surgeries help shape your body and reinstate confidence. Whether it is at the beginning or end of your journey.

By using the advances in new and innovative technology, these procedures done in Korea and their amazing results have become extremely popular. The three body contouring procedures that help fat loss are:

  • Liposuction 
  • Tummy Tuck 
  • Butt Augmentation  





For a kickstart to one’s weight loss journey, many people have liposuction done. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess and unwanted fat. It uses a suctioning process and can shape and contour the body. There is a wide range of different methods of performing liposuction surgery

A traditional technique used is the Tumescent procedure. This one of the traditional surgeries, which uses an injection of a medical solution into a fatty area on the body. The solution acts as a numbing agent and also prevents blood loss. Then, a tube connected to a vacuum is inserted in the area, and the fat cells are suctioned out.  

Another commonly used technique is Power assisted liposuction. This procedure involves using a suction device with a tool on the end. The tool helps to cut directly through the fat. With this tool, it makes the fat easier to remove from the body.  

One popular technique used is Laser assisted liposuction. Laser alongside liposuction helps greatly with fat removal. A laser can heat the fat, which makes it more efficient for removal. Also with laser, there is less bruising, which gives the patient faster healing time. 

Then lastly, there is the innovative technique,  Ultrasound assisted liposuction. With this procedure, a special tube that can produce ultrasound energy is used. The energy turns the fat cells into liquid by breaking down their wall, and suctions it out.  

Now, liposuction is a procedure that helps with kickstarting a weight loss journey, by banishing fat cells. But when people lose a lot of weight through diet and exercise, it can leave them with excess skin on their bodies. The procedure that many have to get rid of the excess skin is the Tummy Tuck.  


Tummy Tuck 


Transforming one’s physique is extremely difficult, and takes time and commitment to this new lifestyle. After weight loss, it is very exciting and to have such a payoff after all the hard work. Unfortunately, this leaves many people with excess skin left and stretch marks on the body. 

It often leaves people still having low confidence in themselves. As much as they want to be able to show off their balanced body, the loose skin tampers with their self-esteem. This is where the tummy tuck procedure comes in, and helps with the skin, and the patient’s self-image. 


The tummy tuck is a body contouring procedure that consists of the cosmetic surgeon making one incision from one side of the hipbone to the other. Many people left with excess skin and stretch marks, tend to have them on the abdomen area. 

So the excess fat and skin are removed from the middle and lower region of the abdomen. Then the muscles of the abdomen wall are tightened with sutures. This results in a smoother and tight abdomen. 



More on Excess Skin  


Butt Augmentation 


Not only does excess skin occur on the stomach region, but it can also affect one’s bottom area! When losing weight, people tend to lose fat all over the body including the bottom area. Body contouring can also help with lifting and toning one’s bottom through butt augmentation. 

With butt augmentation, a combination of different procedures can take place. The surgeon makes an incision to remove excess skin and fat, which leaves the remaining skin tightened. 

Now, liposuction can be used alongside buttock implants to help improve the bottom. Or fat grafting is another procedure used with the implants. Together these treatments help lift and increase fullness in the bottom and tighten the skin. 

Pricing: Body Contouring in Korea 


As life changing these procedures are, you must go to the best place. Pricing for surgical procedures in general can be expensive all over the world. It is important to not only have a procedure done by a reasonable price but also done by the best doctors and surgeons. Being in high demand all over the world, the best place to go for body contouring is South Korea. 

Being the plastic surgery capital of the world, Seoul has been dominating this industry, by using new and innovative technology to provide amazing results at an affordable price. The two factors to Seoul’s domination is modern technology and the usage of medical tourism agencies. 


When it comes to the best for plastic surgery, Korean cosmetic surgeons compare to no other. For body contouring procedures, Korea is one of the top places for safe liposuction. The clinics in Korea use the range of different liposuction techniques so you can get your desired body in a short amount of time.  

Then with tummy tucks, although scarring does occur, Korean surgeons can use their innovative technology to minimize the appearance of the scars. Not only do you receive the best pricing for cosmetic surgeries in Korea, but with the use of medical tourism, it makes the process relaxing and positive for the patient.  

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism gives the patient the ability to stay relax and assured, by giving them access to reliable clinics and the best surgeons and dermatologists. It provides patient safety, professionalism, and helps make the trip cost friendly. With Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, patients receive services including booking of the flights, escort to the clinic, city touring, and more. We make it our priority that our customers have a positive experience. 

We always partner with the most reputable and best clinics and surgeons, so our customers have a great experience and amazing results. The doctors in Seoul understand the importance and impact of what these surgeries mean to their patients. This is why people continue to go to Korea for procedures like body contouring, and is why Seoul is the plastic surgery capital of the world. 

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How Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Can Help 

Understanding the importance and motivation behind cosmetic surgery is why many patients and qualified surgeons trust our medical tourism agency. It is why we always connect with the best medical clinics in Seoul with our patients at their needed budget. Our doctors and surgeons are constantly practicing new and creative treatments for hair, skin, and more. 

Whatever your cosmetic and beauty goals are, Seoul Cosmetic Surgery can help you with the process and fulfill your goals.   




  1. Side view of women with her hands on hips after liposuction body contouring


    If you have excess fat you want to remove, liposuction may be for you! This body contouring procedure involves the removal of excess and unwanted fat. What’s more is that Korea is one of the top destinations for safe, expert liposuction. In fact, plastic surgery clinics in Korea possess a wide range of treatments including ultrasound, laser, and traditional methods of liposuction. So, you can get your desired body within a short period of time! Moreover, the cost of liposuction in Korea is affordable and you receive the best services available. So relax and book a free consultation with us today!

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  2. Doctor and patient preparing for a tummy tuck procedure

    Tummy Tuck

    Additionally, we offer tummy tucks so you can achieve the body of your dreams. Often times, after losing a large amount of weight we can be left with a large amount of excess skin. Indeed, tummy tucks are a body contouring surgery for stretch mark removal. First, the excess fat is removed. Then the muscles are tightened, resulting in a firmer and smoother abdomen.  While some scarring will occur, Korean doctors are the best at minimizing the appearance of scars due to tummy tucks. In fact, this is one of the best options for body contouring. So relax knowing that our innovative surgeons and luxurious clinics can help you achieve the body of your dreams!

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  3. Picture of women's butt after going through butt augmentation surgery

    Butt Augmentation

    Moreover, we offer butt augmentation to help lift and increase the fullness of your bottom! As a matter of fact, this body contouring procedure involves buttock implants, fat grafting or sometimes a combination of the two. Likewise, liposuction may also be implemented to improve bottoms. Not only can butt augmentation result in changing the shape of your bottom but it can also tighten the skin. In fact, the doctors and clinics we connect you with are some of the most sublime and unparalleled in all of Seoul! Rest assured you are in safe hands. And get connected with the most luxurious, innovative clinics and doctors today!

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