5 Korean Cosmetic Brands Used By Idols

Korean Cosmetic Brands used by Idols

5 Korean Cosmetic Brands Used By Idols

Crimson stained lips, dark full lashes, and fierce cat eyes adorn the faces of K-Idols such as Jessi Ho, Cheetah, and Hyuna. Korean makeup trends are being seen on runways around the world. Dewy glowing skin to sun kissed eye lids, Korean cosmetic brands are making their way into the lives of Korean Idols. Here are 5 Korean cosmetic brands used by Idols.

5 Korean Cosmetic Brands

Most Korean cosmetic brands create their products using natural and organic ingredients. Indeed, the quality and natural goodness of their products make them desirable among Korean idols.  Moreover, Korean brands often stray from using harmful chemicals and harsh additives, instead they opt for safer ingredients. Here are 5 Korean cosmetic brands used by idols.

-Etude House

-Nature Republic

-Face Shop


-Skin Food

For more information as to why Koreans choose natural products along with its benefits, please see our previous blog post below.

Top 5 Korean Skincare Brands

Etude House


korean brands : etude house

Caption of Etude House


Etude House, over 30 years old is one of the oldest names in the cosmetic industry. This cosmetic brand encourages it’s customers to use their classically colored products in innovative and unique ways. They push their customers to be themselves and create looks that represent their personalities.

Etude House offers a wide variety of products. With items such as: face masks, brushes, lipsticks, eyeliners, eye-shadows, mascaras, etc. they have something for everyone. Korean idols such as: Hwang Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Red Velvet’s Joy use Etude House products.

Along with selling cosmetics, Etude House also sells body care, beauty, and nail care products. With a wide assortment of products, Etude House has a large customer base. Etude House’s best selling product is the “Matte Chic Lip Lacquer”. A long lasting lip lacquer rich with pigment can be worn in a variety of ways. With over 10 colorful shades, there is one suitable for everyone.

Nature Republic


korean brands : nature republic

Image Courtesy of Nature Republic Facebook 


Nature Republic is a nature and organic based cosmetic company. Korean skincare circles around the use of natural products hence making Nature Republic products popular. Used by Korean idols such as: Taeyeon, Byun Baekhyun, Lay, and Jung Ji Hoon, Nature Republic caters to both high end clientele as well as everyday consumers.

Along with selling a wide variety of natural skin care products, Nature Republic also sells cosmetic products. Some of the items sold include: lipsticks, glosses, tints, mascaras, gel, hair care, masks, etc. The wide assortment, affordability, and quality of the products makes them desirable among consumers.

Their best selling cosmetic item is the “Provence Creamy Two Way Pact”. This smooth compact powder has multiple uses. Playing the part of BB powder, or a makeup base. This soft light weight powder brightens up the skin giving off a youthful vibrant appearance.

Face Shop


korean brands : face shop

Image Courtesy of TheSmartLocal


The Face Shop, a 15 year old cosmetic company is one of the fastest growing businesses in South Korea. Catering to customers worldwide with stores located across different countries, the Face Shop appeals to people of all races and ethnicities.

Inspired by plants, the Face Shop strives to use natural ingredients in their products. Catering to both everyday consumers and high end clientele, the Face Shop is readily available to all customers. Korean idols such as: Bae Suzy, Kim Hyoyeon, and Kim Soo- Hyun are avid users of Face Shop cosmetics.

Offering products such as cleansers, lipsticks, mascaras, eyebrows pencils, foundation, concealer, etc, the Face Shop is known for catering to all skin types. Their best selling cosmetic product is the “Miracle Finish CC Ultra Moist Cushion”. Infused with lavender, rosemary, and calendula, this collagen based foundation provides moisture and coverage. A lightweight foundation covering fine lines and spots, the “Miracle Finish Foundation” leaves the skin with a dewy and glowing finish.



korean brands : innisfree

Image Courtesy of retailblog.fr


Innisfree about to celebrate it’s 18th birthday, is a natural organic ingredient based company. Innisfree is a cosmetic brand very involved with it’s customers. With digital ways to stay in contact with their customers, they are able to take their feedback and apply it to their products. Indeed, they are always working to improve and perfect their recipes.

Innisfree offers live shade finders which provides the customer with their color match. This keeps the customer from purchasing the wrong color and wasting money. Innisfree also offers customers the option to create their own foundation compact. Picking the preferred formula, brush and case allows the clients to customize their purchase.

Korean idols such as: Lee Min Ho, Im Yoona, and Jang Hee Jin are users of Innisfree products. The “Aqua Fit Cushion” is their best selling cosmetic product. Moreover, with over 10 shades to choose from this dewy lightweight foundation leaves all its users with vibrant and luminous looking skin.

Skin Food



Image Courtesy of Yes Another.


Skin Food over 60 years old is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in South Korea. Korean idols both young and old are loyal consumers of the brand. Moreover, male and female idols utilize Skin Food’s products. Dedicated to using organic, natural, and wholesome ingredients in their products, Skin Food stays true to the Korean ideals of using natural ingredients.

Korean singers, actors and actresses including: Minzy, Lee Jong- Suk, and Sung Yu-Ri are all loyal consumers of the brand. A brand that uses the best of ingredient, Skin Food appeals not only to Korean clients but international customers as well.

Skin Food offers a variety of products. From skin care products, to body and hair, to makeup, Skin Food appeals to all types of people. Their best selling cosmetic product is the “Avocado And Olive Lip Balm”. This avocado and olive oil infused balm works to heal the lips over time while leaving them looking glossy and smooth.

Why Do Idols Use These Brands?

Korean Idols used most commonly these 5 Korean Cosmetic Brands. Why? Affordability, quality, and natural ingredients. These brands all ensure the use of natural, safe and organic ingredients therefore contributing to the quality of their products.

The quality of the products is promising as their makeup is long lasting and pigmented. With high reviews and returning customers, Korean idols and entertainment agencies turn to these brands. All 5 brands also offer products that are affordable in cost. Being able to purchase products that will give promising results at an affordable price is appealing to both Korean idols as well as everyday customers.

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