Cosmetic Eye Surgery

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    Double Eyelid Non-incision

    Did you know that double eyelid cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular procedures in Korea? What’s more is we offer a non-incision double eyelid surgery for those of you reluctant to incision! Indeed, this cosmetic eyelid surgery creates double eyelids without making incisions. Instead, our sublime surgeons simply make sutures along the eyelid to give the appearance of a double eyelid. And with our skilled surgeons, you will have no scars. However, this method is not as permanent as our incisional method and may require you to have this treatment again. So book a free consultation with us today and learn more!

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    Double Eyelid Partial-incision

    In addition to non-incisional double eyelid cosmetic surgery, we offer partial-incision surgery. That is to say, in this cosmetic eyelid surgery, our professional doctors create a double eyelid by making an incision. Thus they are able to take out excess muscle tissue and fat. In fact, our surgeons are so skilled that this procedure has minimal to no swelling and scarring. Moreover, this is the most permanent way to ensure your double eyelids last. Simply book a free consultation with us today and let us take care of the rest!

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    Ptosis Correction

    Even more, we offer excellent ptosis correction, which is an upper eyelid cosmetic surgery. Indeed ptosis surgery can correct your droopy upper eyelid. In fact, droopy eyelids can make your eyes appear smaller and even affect your vision! To do this, our innovative doctors create an incision to remove excess muscle and tissue to tighten up this part of your eyelid. And because an incision is made, double eyelid surgery can also be done at the same time! Likewise, our well trained surgeons can ensure there is minimal scarring done. And our unparalleled clinics take care of your every need post-op.  So book a free consultation today and relax while SCS gets the best professionals for you!

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    Lower Blepharoplasty

    We also offer quality lower blepharoplasty to suit your every cosmetic eye surgery need! Specifically, lower blepharoplasty involves removing excess fat to tighten the skin around your lower eyelid. As a matter of fact, this minimizes the appearance of puffy lower eyelids and can even remove wrinkles! Indeed, our impeccable doctors are both skilled and experienced in this type of cosmetic eyelid surgery. Therefore, scarring is minimal to non-existent. So relax knowing you are in safe and capable hands! And book a free consultation with us today!

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    Eyebag Removal

    Furthermore we offer superb, eyebag removal surgery. As a result of aging, fat clumps or depressions can form under our eyes. Thus, causing us to look more tired, sick, and older. However, our highly trained surgeons can either fat graft or reposition fat to combat this. In fact, eyebag removal surgery can restore youthfulness to your face.  Just book a free consultation and start looking younger today!

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    More importantly, we know how disappointing and frustrating it can be when a cosmetic eye surgery goes wrong. So we offer convenient and safe eye revision procedures to get your eyes looking exactly how you want them. In fact, our high quality doctors work with you to find exactly what you want and how best to fix it. So relax knowing you will be catered to at every step and that your needs come first! Typically, this is needed when:


      • Double eyelids are too thick
      • Scars are noticeable
      • Double eyelids are untied
      • The eyelids are too thin and narrow
      • Shape of the eye is not satisfying
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