Popular Cosmetic Procedures: Korea Versus America

Popular Cosmetic Procedures: Korea Versus America

Liposuctions, rhinoplasties, and silicone implants are some of the more commonly heard of cosmetic surgery procedures. One would think that that the ideal image of beauty is the same throughout the world hence resulting in similar procedures. Wrong. The ideal body image varies from  culture to culture resulting in different types of procedures being popular. In this post we will explore popular cosmetic procedures in both Korea and America.

Cosmetic Procedures: Korea Versus America

Popular Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures are popular in both America and Korea. Since both countries have their own versions of what the ideal face and body should look like, the procedures performed vary widely. Each culture has it’s own unique view on what beauty is. In America, the beauty standards are always changing with the rise and fall of an icon. In Korea, the ideal face and body have always revolved around the same foundation. This means that the most sought out procedures are aimed at making one look like their beloved stars and idols.

Whether you are wanting to look like the famous Kardashians, or your favorite Korean Idol, there is a procedure available. With technological advancements and medical breakthroughs, cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more popular. In this post we will take a look at popular procedures in both Korea and America.

First let us begin by taking a look at the more popular cosmetic procedures performed in America.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures In America

Cosmetic Surgery Industry

With icons such as the Kardashian-Jenner clan taking the spotlight, their bodies are held on a pedestal viewed by all. Women both young and mature look up to these celebrities adapting their beauty regimens, workouts, and diets. Their exposure has had an influence in the cosmetic surgery industry. With a rise in procedures, women of all ages go under the knife to look like their idols. Here are some of the popular procedures in America:

-Breast Implants

-Lip Injections/Fillers

-Butt Implants/Lifts

When Kim Kardashian West displayed her slim waist and large features on social media, many women her age went under the knife and followed suit getting breast implants and lifts. Wanting to look like their icon, women across America followed Kim’s footsteps.

Another popular cosmetic procedure in America are lip fillers and injections. When Kylie Jenner debuted her plump lips, many young women in their late teens and mid twenties followed suit. Whether it be fillers or injections, many of these women displayed their new lips on social media.

The last widely popular cosmetic procedure in America are butt implants and lifts. Kim Kardashian West, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are known for their large derriere. As all three sisters vary in age, the target market for this procedure varies in age as well. The amount of exposure these women have had has influenced women of all ages to get butt implants or lifts in order to look like their idols.

Now that we have taken a look at popular cosmetic procedures in America, let’s move on to popular procedures in Korea.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures In Korea

Popular Cosmetic Procedures

Ethereal beauty almost fairy like features make up the faces of Korean idols. Plastered on billboards, magazines, and TV screens, these Korean idols display their beauty for all of Korea to see. With the amount of exposure Korean singers, actors and actresses have; their body and faces are seen as the ideal image of beauty in Korea. Their facial features and bodies represent the beauty standards of Korea. Many Koreans go under the knife either to look like their idols or to attain one feature they highly admire. Here are some of the popular cosmetic procedures performed in Korea:

-Double Eyelid Surgery


-Chin Reshaping

Double eyelid surgery  has always been a popular procedure in Korea. With many Korean idols getting this surgery done themselves many of Korea’s youth follow suit. In fact, many young Koreans are gifted this procedure as a graduation present. For an in depth look at cosmetic surgeries that Korean idols have undergone, please take a look at our previous post below.

How Korean Idols Affect the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Another popular procedure are rhinoplasties. Many Korean idols get rhinoplasties in order to achieve a longer thinner nose. As a result of this, many Koreans go under the knife to attain thinner more symmetrical noses, removing any humps or bulbous tips.

The last widely popular procedure is chin reshaping. In Korean society it is ideal to have a v-shaped chin. Koreans find small, petite features to be more attractive. Korean idols such as IU, Yoona, and Taeyeon represent the ideal chin a woman wants. Women undergo surgery to have a smaller chin resulting in looking more delicate and feminine. Men undergo surgery as well, not to make their face look smaller but to make it more symmetrical and even.


With the rise and fall of an icon, or the start and finish of a movement, women and men of all ages turn to cosmetic surgery in order to meet the beauty standards of the time. Whether they are looking for a fuller bust, thinner waist, plump lips, or symmetrical noses, there is a cosmetic procedure fit for everyone.

How Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Can Help

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