Breast Augmentation Surgery in South Korea

breast augmentation surgery in korea

Breast Augmentation Surgery in South Korea

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery , breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. As stated in recent studies, nearly 2 million breast augmentation surgeries occurred in 2018 – a 6% growth from the previous year.

In South Korea plastic surgery is beyond common. The nation holds some of the most qualified plastic surgeons and clinics in the business, attracting patients worldwide. Continue to read and find out why you should undergo breast augmentation surgery in Korea.

What is Breast Augmentation?

breast augmentation surgery in south korea

Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure. It consists on the placement of breast implants or fat grafts to enhance the size and shape of the bust.

This type of procedure is mostly associated with women with small breasts. However, women facing breast size asymmetry or loss of breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy can also benefit from it. Mastectomy victims can also benefit from breast augmentation surgery.

Similar to other cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation surgery has powerful effects. In other words, it helps improve the balance of curves in the body enhancing self-image and confidence levels in return.

Breast Implants

breast augmentation in south korea

A breast implant is a prosthetic device used to alter the dimension, shape and outline of one’s breast. Breast implant surgery is the most common way to achieve breast augmentation and provides natural long term results.

According to the type of implant and medical technique used, breast implant procedures can vary vastly. Resulting in a wider amount of options that suit each patient’s need.

Although breast implants are more common in breast augmentation procedures. They also serve a purpose in reconstructive surgeries. For example, mastectomy victims.

Types of Breast Implants

Breast implants vary according to material, texture and shape. The best option for you will greatly depend on your own preferences, breast condition and the surgeon’s ability.

        1. Material

In terms of material, breast implants can be filled with silicone gel or saline water. In terms of final results, both provide similar outcomes. However, saline water implants tend to provide a more natural look to the breast.

Since the implant material is different, the breast augmentation procedure also differs. In the case of saline water breast implants they are inserted empty and filled once placed under the breast tissue. While in the case of silicone implants, they are set placed pre-filled.

       2. Texture

Breast implants can be either smooth or textured. Smooth textured breast implants tend to provide a natural look and feel to the breast. While textured breast implants provide a better adherence to the breast tissue, preventing the appearance of capsular contractures.

This different in texture  has direct impact on the way breast augmentation procedures can occur. For instance, smooth textured breast implants require relatively shorter surgery time and less complicated procedures. While textured breast implants require a longer surgical time for correct placement.

       3. Shape

In order to provide the best suitable solutions to patients, breast implants vary by shape. The two most common shapes are round breast implants and teardrop breast implants.

Round shaped breast implants are the most popular implant device used in breast augmentation procedures. This because round breast implants better fit the natural shape of the breast. At the same time, teardrop shape implants are still commonly used to achieve fullness in certain parts of the breast. For instance, they are commonly used to provide extra fullness in the upper parts of the breasts.

Breast Implant Techniques

Breast implant surgeries can vary according to implant placement and type of incision. The surgical technique that best fits your needs varies according to your body’s anatomy, implant type used and surgeon’s ability.

       1. Placement

The placement of the breast implants is one of the most important steps in breast augmentation procedures. The placement varies according the patient’s condition and the surgeon professional preference, but can happen beneath or above the chest muscle.

Although both methods provide similar results, there are clear advantages and drawbacks that separate the two techniques. For example, the case of the beneath the muscle method provides a more natural look to the breast. Nevertheless, recovery time is longer due to the expansion and movement of the breast tissue and muscle.

In the case of the above the muscle technique, both pain and recovery time after surgery are significantly shorter. However, risk for capsular contracture is higher.

       2. Incision

An incision represents a surgical cut made on the body. In breast augmentation surgery, incisions are made for the correct penetration and placement of breast implants. And can occur through the armpit, nipple or under the breast.

The armpit incision or trans-axillar incision, represents the surgical cut of the armpit fold for breast implant insertion. This technique provides limited scarring and fast recovery. However, it can cause difficulty in arm movement post-surgery.

The nipple incision or periareolar incision, consists on the lower cut of the areolas for breast implant insertion. This method offers minimal scar and no side effects on breastfeeding. However, it is not recommended for patients with small nipples.

The under the breast incison or inframammary incision, represents the cut of the breast fold for implant insertion. This incision method provides an easy placement of the breast implants, however scarring is visible.


Fat Graffting

fat graffting

If breast implants scare you, fat grafting is an alternative breast augmentation procedure to look forward to. 

In short, fat grafting consists on the transfer of fat from other parts of the body to the breasts. In comparison with breast implants, this type of breast augmentation procedure provides more natural looking breasts. However, unlike breast implants, final results are not long lasting. Additionally, uneven appearance between breasts can occur due to different absorption rate.

The final results depend on the amount of fat each patient’s has available. As a result, this type of procedure performs better in patients looking for a small to moderate breast size increase. The sliming and bust enhancement effect of this procedure make fat grafting extremely attractive. Especially, since it is a non invasive procedure with a short recovery period.

Fat Grafting Techniques

Fat grafting is the combination of two medical techniques: liposuction and lipofilling.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery technique that sculpts and contours the body. This procedure consists on the surgical suck of fat deposits from specific parts of the body to provide a smiling effect. In breast augmentation surgery, liposuction is used to harvest body fat to be later transferred to the breasts.

Lipofilling represents the injection of the liposuction harvested fat into needing areas of the body. In breast augmentation surgery, said fat is first filtered and then directly injected into the breasts.

Why Your Choice Should be South Korea?

plastic surgery in south korea

In the past recent decades, South Korea has become the number one destination for plastic surgery. As a result, more and more foreigners are choosing to come to Korea to undergoe plastic surgeriy.

The question we want to raise here is why you should undergo breast augmentation surgery in South Korea.  Here are some of the reasons.

Firstly, Korea is one of the most technology innovative nations in the world. This allows for a wider variety of techniques and state of the art surgical procedures to exist. Allowing for patients’ standards and requirements to be better achieved.

Secondly, South Korea holds some of the best qualified and experienced surgeons in the plastic surgery industry. These professionals count with innumerous specialties, one of them being breast augmentation (since it is a widely popular procedure). Korean surgeons are professional in performing breast implants and hold extremely innovative techniques in fat grafting utilizing stem cells. Breast lifting and scarred tissue minimizing are two other specialties that distinguish Korean surgeons in the breast augmentation field.

Lastly, South Korean plastic surgery is surprisingly affordable with thousands of clinics spread all over the country. This is extremely important, as quality plastic surgery remains extremely expensive in other countries.

With low cost medical services, South Korea allows you to explore more than one cosmetic procedure without exceeding budget. Dream come true? We say yes.

Overall these are the main reasons as to why you should undergo breast augmentation surgery in South Korea. However, the list can go on.

We hope to at least make you intrigued. Nevertheless you don’t need to take our word for granted. Take a look at the video down below and check the overall plastic surgery experience in South Korea!




How to Find a Clinic in South Korea to Undergo Breast Augmentation?

Breast Surgery Consultant

Overall there’s a lot of research that goes into breast augmentation surgery. Choosing the right clinic and doctor according to your personal needs is very important in order to achieve positive results. However, with the amount of information spread online, sometimes selecting the right options for you is difficult.

When looking at cosmetic procedures abroad, this research process gets even more difficult. In this sense, we recommend having an agency that can best support your needs. In this sense, Seoul Cosmetic Surgery can help you undergo breast augmentation surgery in South Korea!

As a licensed medical tourism agency, we hold connections with some of the most renowned Korean surgeons and cosmetic clinics. With these tools, we aim to find the best clinics and medical professionals for our clients’ unique needs.

We believe in the power of communication and transparency. In this sense, we provide translations at every step of the way. This truly allow us to create bonds with our patients. Reaching positive results in all areas.

For a free consultation please email us at We look forward to working with you and match you up with the best doctors and facilities specific to your needs.

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