How Korea became a leading skincare influence thanks to K-beauty

Two Asian women showcasing K-beauty products with cream in their hands.

How Korea became a leading skincare influence thanks to K-beauty

How Korea became a leading skincare influence thanks to K-beauty

How Korea became a leading skincare influence thanks to K-beauty

Korea has taken the world by storm, not only with Kpop, but K-beauty. Although, the credit doesn’t necessarily go to Korea’s soft power or hallyu wave. In fact, it belongs to Korea’s marketing of cosmetics and plastic surgery. This is the reason behind such phenomenon.

Most importantly, Korean beauty is the cash cow for the cosmetic industry. Simply put, it trickles down to the basics of any skin care product—quality. Items like sheet mask, toners, and all skin-type moisturizers are the breadwinner to Korea’s success. 

People look towards Asia for beauty products; especially for cosmetic export. As a result, Korea continues to dominate in the foreign market. 

How Korea Became a Leader in the Beauty Industry? 


Before Korea, Japan and Europe were deemed as the top skincare providers. However, that quickly changed when the Korean government stepped in to increase tourism. Thus, funding for K-beauty and the plastic surgery industries became a priority. 

In an article by The Cut, it stated that  “the (Korean) government gives tax breaks to export-only companies, like Wishtrend, a four-year-old Korean beauty company that sells only to the U.S. — it doesn’t have to pay taxes in the country at all.”

It was such investments that paved the way for Korea to be a worldwide beauty hub, and for valid reasons. The IBISWorld report suggests that the industry is estimated to be worth more than $379 billion. Moreover, Korean skin care plays a huge role in that growth, and there’s no stopping it. The market is expected to continue to rise within four years.  

How Korea became a leading skincare influence thanks to K-beauty

Source: CNBC

Larissa Jensen, a beauty industry analyst at NDP Group, tells CNBC that the rise for skincare is intentional. “Natural brands are driving the performance of skincare.”  The concept for a natural look and organic ingredients is popular. 

Korea knows this. Their strength is their emphasis on wellness and health, which in return, brings comfort to consumers. 

Skin care is part of Korean culture. Their skin-first philosophy is what attracts consumers. Furthermore, Korean beauty has opened doors to innovation and style. It allowed independent cosmetic brands to gain attention, widen people’s appetite for beauty and educate themselves about skincare. 

At the end of the day, people want to see results, and Korean beauty delivers.

Why This Beauty Trend is Important

korean beauty cosmetics

Korea is a huge manufacturing hub. It produces beauty products for foreign countries like the US and Europe. Additionally, South Korea has grown its cosmetic production from 8.5 billion to 13 billion during a 4 year trek. 

What people don’t realize is the impact of k-beauty around the world. It allowed the Korean cosmetic industry to thrive and flourish in the global market. As a result, it encouraged consumers to be educated on skincare, and brought empowerment for shoppers. 

Moreover, social media has contributed to k-beauty’s lifespan. Influencers and celebrities alike are advertising their skincare routine, which helped bring it to the forefront of digital media. People locked in on this new wave. 

But what makes Korean skincare so popular? Christine Chang, co-founder of Glow Recipe, tells CNN, “A key strength of K-beauty products is the experience…(the) formulas often have enjoyable, unique textures or flexible usage methods.”

Ultimately, the beauty industry helped revive the Korean economy and increase its tourism. The skincare trend keeps the country in the headlines, and all for good reasons. 

Innovative Beauty Products Unlike No Other


People enjoy Korea’s fresh and original approach to cosmetic products. Korea invented the cushion Foundation, which was introduced back in 2011. It quickly gained popularity because of its easy-to-apply method, and SPF ingredient. 

Under the surface, the cushion Foundation is a liquid-based- formula, and it’s stored in a compact, rather than a bottle, which makes things more convenient. Moreover, the foundations provide hydration, as well as light to medium coverage to the skin.

Many brands promise prevention and life-changing results from their products. Needless to say, Korea has consistently provided this sense of security to their customers.

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