V Line Surgery in South Korea

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V Line Surgery in South Korea

Are you self-conscious about your jawline? Do you wish it could be smaller? Then you visit the right post. V Line surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in South Korea and aims to reduce the appearance of the jawline.

Korean surgeons are experts in this type of operation so you will be in safe hands. Continue to read and find out why you should undergo v line surgery in South Korea!

What is V Line Surgery?

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V line surgery or jawline line surgery is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce the appearance of the jawline. The procedure itself focuses on contouring and slimming down the lower section of the chin and jaw to achieve a more slim and reduced face look. The end result is a more soften and V-shape jaw line that brings balance to the overall features of the face.

In Asia this procedure is very common as it helps achieve a smaller face shape. This is because, as explained in our previous post, having a small face is considered an important beauty standard in Asia, particularly South Korea.

Nevertheless, v line surgery is also helpful to other aesthetic concerns. For instance, v line surgery is perfect to solve jawline asymmetries. V line surgery also provides solutions to face feminization, helping patients from all backgrounds overall.

How does it Work?

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Now that the definition of v line surgery is done, what else should you know about this type of cosmetic procedure? Well, before you book your v line surgery you should get familiarized with the procedure as well as what you need to do before and post operation for optimal results.

Types of Surgical Procedures

The v line surgery is a relatively fast operation. Overall it takes 1 to 2 hours with general anesthesia. However, operation time can vary according to patient’s jawline goals and surgical technique utilized.

The two most popular techniques used in this type of plastic surgery are:

  • Jaw reduction
  • T osteotomy

The jaw reduction technique is a facial contouring surgery. This method focuses on reducing the appearance of the jawline by shaving the excess jaw bone from the back of the ear until the chin.  The result is an attractive v shaped face that enhances the overall expression of individuals.

The T osteotomy technique focuses less on the contour of the jawline, but rather the chin. In short, the procedure aims to reshape the chin and slightly trim the adjacent jawline. Consequently, the end result is a more pronounced chin that naturally shapes the face into a v.

The selection of both techniques varies according to patients’ anatomy and aesthetic goals. For instance, patients with more square jawlines select the jaw reduction method to better soften their pronounced jawline.

While patients with more round face shapes select the T osteotomy method to offer more chin angles to the face. Nevertheless, the best method for you will depend on your doctor’s opinion and specialty. For instance, in some cases plastic surgeons can combine both methods to provide the best results possible.

Pre Op Preperation

In order to be the perfect candidate for v line surgery, there are some things you need to prepare ahead. For starters if you smoke, you should stop it prior the operation in order to better heal and achieve the best results possible.

Secondly, if you take blood thinning medication and other types of pills and vitamins, you should interrupt the intake immediately 2 weeks before the operation to prevent complications.

Lastly, if you enjoy the regular drink of alcohol you should also stop the weeks ahead the operation to promote faster healing.

Overall, the weeks prior the operation, you should practice a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to accomplish a fast recovery and optimal results.

Post Op Recovery

In order to achieve the best results for your face, it is crucial to have good post op care. After operation it is important to give the body a lot of rest. You should take the prescribed medication to reduce any type of discomfort and optimize your healing process, as well as drink a lot of water!

Going to the checkup appointments is crucial to guarantee no complications and infections occur. Plus you should regularly journal how you are feeling so you can properly report to your doctor.

In terms of the recovery period, it takes up 3 to 6 months for results to start to appear. Nevertheless stay patient, as all bodies process cosmetic procedures differently.

Why Korea?

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V line surgery requires extreme precision to achieve symmetrical results and avoid any nerve damage on the jaw. This means not all plastic surgeons can perform this type of procedure accurately. So you should be looking at the best board certified surgeons in the field.

In South Korea plastic surgery is far from common and jawline reduction procedures are some of the most performed operations every year. What distinguishes South Korea from other countries is the extensive investment in technology and long list of board certified professionals. Altogether this makes Korea the best place to undergo plastic surgery, specifically v line surgery!

Check this video to see the full results of the procedure in Korea!


How Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Can Help

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