Visit Korea: 10 cities you need to discover in the peninsula

Visit 10 cities in Korea.

Visit Korea: 10 cities you need to discover in the peninsula

Visit Korea: 10 cities you need to discover in the peninsula


South Korea’s economy continues to grow, especially from its influence of the Korean Wave. Kpop, Kdramas and culture are the reasons behind its huge success. However, beyond idols and entertainment, people visit Korea for its traditional aspects. CNN even made a list of 50 beautiful places in South Korea to visit. Next to large shopping malls and skyscrapers, there are ancient palaces and sacred temples.  

Moreover, what makes Korea so captivating is the diligence in preserving its culture through the ages. The unique culture is maintained because of their museums. People are able to look at  Korea’s memorable history, art, and traditions.


Why Is A Trip to Korea Worth It?

Korea offers cities surrounded by scenic nature and mountains. In addition, Korea borders other idyllic islands and beautiful beaches. Travelers who love the great outdoors will appreciate the hiking trails. It is popular among visitors to enjoy the seasons of Korea, especially when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. 

The South Korean Peninsula provides a lively nightlife or a calm and relaxing alternative to those looking for a quieter vacation. The country is home to breathtaking national parks all season round. In addition, islands are located right off the coast with gorgeous scenery that are instagram worthy. Your visit to Korea is only a click away.

Our List of 10 Recommended Korean Cities for Travel 


  1. Suwon, Korea

Visit Korea: 10 cities you need to discover in the peninsula

Suwon is the capital of Gyeonggi Province, about 20 miles outside of Seoul. It is also known as “The City of Filial Piety”. Fun fact about Suwon is that it has lived through the majority of Korea’s history. It evolved from a small settlement into an industrial and cultural hub.

Despite its far location from Seoul, it is easily accessible from Seoul by the Korea train express (KTX). This place is unknown to travelers because it isn’t as popular. Although, what foreigners don’t know about Suwon is that it hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Therefore, you’ll be able to see the World Cup Stadium (Big Bird).

Another exciting landmark in Suwon is the 18th century Hwaseong Fortress. It was built during the Joseon dynasty. In addition, activities like archery, vendors and tours are offered at the premises. 

  1. Chuncheon

Visit Korea : Chuncheon


This city is home to Korea’s beloved lakes and mountains. Chuncheon is the capital city of Gangwon Province. It is a popular location for Korean soap operas like the Winter Sonata. For these reasons, many visitors come to see scenes from their favorite dramas. Chuncheon is known for its elegant film locations. 

Although, it is also one of the greatest places to eat food. Dubbed as a “foodie’s paradise”, particularly for a famous street dish, dak galbi. This spicy Korean dish is made up of marinated chicken, gochujang sauce, rice cakes, sweet potato, and veggies. Lastly, it is topped with mozzarella cheese as a stir fry dish. 

Moreover, Chuncheon offers a variety of places to quench your wanderlust. Locations like Elysian Gangchon resort, Le Petite France, Cheongpyeong Lake and Namiseom Island are attractive places for couples and families. The Garden of Morning Calm also hosts a lighting festival. 

  1. Busan 


Busan is the second largest city in Korea and holds a major port for trade. It is most noted for  its charming beaches and hot springs. Although, there are a variety of activities beyond the beaches. Many travelers take advantage of its picturesque outdoors. 

What is also popular in Busan is its Gamcheon Cultural Village. The radius showcases a Greece-like community, similar to Santorini, as it overlooks the city. People can enjoy the colorful hillside community. 

In addition, Busan is home to several temples. Beomeosa Temple is the most popular among the bunch. Hot attractions also include Taejongdae Park and Nakdong River Estuary Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

  1. Jeonju

Visit Korea : Jeonju

Jeonju is as old as the Joseon Dynasty. A spiritual capital, travelers migrate to Jeonju to experience Korea’s traditional culture. Jeonju offers temples and national museums that accurately depict its cherished history. 

Therefore, Jeonju Hanok Village is voted the best place to visit to fully embrace Korea culture. When you visit, you are able to see traditional homes from the early 20th century. In addition, there are a lot of activities to take part in. For example, making traditional Hanji paper or renting a Hanbok. You can also visit the Nambu market and enjoy korean cuisine. 

While in Jeonju, make sure to try the Bibimbap. It originates from this region.

  1. Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan Park

The national park is perfect for hikers. Famously known for its mountain range and photogenic scenery, Seoraksan National Park offers an idyllic venture into South Korea’s forest. It is surrounded in pine and rocky mountain peaks. It also has crystal clear streams and lakes for hikers. 

The park practices animal preservation and houses over 2,000 species. In addition, the National Park Visitor Centre provides free maps in English and Korean. 

  1. Andong 

Visit Korea : Andong

Andong is dubbed as the capital city of Korean Spiritual Culture. Its main attraction? The famous Andong Hahoe Folk Village. Visitors can immerse themselves into Korea’s cultural heritage with museums, architecture and food. 

Moreover, Andong is also popular with its korean cuisine. The city is proud of its variety of local specialties. For example, the chicken and noodle dish called Jjimdak. Andong is also the place that made soju.

  1. Jeju Island

Jeju Island

Korean natives always mention Jeju Island is the hot spot for vacation. It is whispered to be the country’s special province. Translated as the Island of the Gods, Jeju is a tropical destination for honeymooners and travelers.

Along with its stunning beaches, it offers visitors exploration to Jeju’s lava tubes and scenic island hiking trails. In addition, Jeju boasts a list of tourist attractions and amusement parks. Regardless of your itinerary, Jeju has you covered. 

The island consists of spots that are dedicated for a variety of excursions. Seongeup Folklore Village is perfect for those who want to learn more about Korean culture. Moreover, other attractions include Manjanggul Cave, Spirited Garden, and Loveland..

  1. DMZ


Korea’s DMZ, or demilitarized zone, is the border that separates North and South Korea. Although it is important to keep in mind that not all areas are safe. Therefore, only a small section of the DMZ, known as the JSA or Joint Security Area, is open to the public. 

While at the JSA, you are only able to visit designated areas. For example, memorial statues, museums, staged performances, and North Korean gift shops. In addition, there is a curfew and a  visit to the DMZ is only through an authorized and guided tour.

  1. Gyeongju 


Gyeongju is high on the list because it’s the closest thing to seeing Korea’s rich history up close. It is the ancient capital of the Silla Kingdom and is more than 2,000 years old. Therefore, the city is an attractive destination for travelers who want a mesmerizing experience. 

A popular spot to start is the Bulguksa Temple. It showcases Korean Buddhist religion and art that dates back to the 8th century. Gyeongu has many temples perfect for hikes, like Seokguram Grotto. In addition, the city offers a lively night market and activities to learn how to craft Korean dishes and art.  

  1. Seoul

Yeouido Park in Seoul

Yeouido Park in Seoul, Korea

At the top of our list is Seoul. Beyond its urban and metropolitan atmosphere, the city is filled with cultural influence. There is a surplus of modern and traditional attractions in the city. Furthermore, the shopping malls are incomparable. 

Moreover, palaces are also available to visit in Seoul. For example, Gyeongbok-gung and Changdeok-gung are within a short radius between each other. There are also ancient temples, lush public parks, and michelin-starred cuisine ready to be indulged. Apart from its metropolis atmosphere, Korea offers delicious foods and a culturally rich environment. Visit Korea and embrace what it offers.

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