Weight Loss Clinics in South Korea

Weight Loss Clinics in South Korea

Weight Loss Clinics in South Korea

The path to weight loss and weight maintenance is a journey of a life time. In most cases, we take the burden on ourselves by starting healthy diets and regular physical exercise. Yet, we quickly give up if fast changes don’t occur. In this sense, having the helping hand of a trained professional is crucial to achieve positive change in our lives. In Seoul there are thousands of certified weight loss clinics and medical centers ready to help you achieve your dream body. Continue to ready our article and find out what are the best weight loss clinics in South Korea.

What is Weight Loss?

Weight Loss Clinics in South Korea

Weight loss represents the voluntary or involuntary reduction of total body mass. Voluntary weight loss results from the practice of a balanced diet and regular exercise. While involuntary weight loss is the byproduct of malnutrition or disease side effect like cancer. In both cases, extreme weight reduction can lead to deficiencies in important minerals and nutrients, encouraging further health risks.

Why You Should Get Professional Help

Weight Loss Clinics in Seoul

Voluntary weight loss should always be accompanied with professional help and the reasons are simple:

  • Tailored Solutions – Professional help will find you the best weight loss strategy appropriate to your body, health history and personal goals
  • Support System – Professional help will allow you to persist,  providing you motivation and strength to achieve your long-term goals
  • Healthy Results – Professional help will allow you to reach your body goals without compromising your health
  • Lifetime Changes – Professional help will allow you to change your diet and poor eating habits in the long run


Why South Korea?

South Korea holds one of the lowest obesity rates in the world. However, it still actively promotes the practice of a healthy lifestyle through medical help.

For instance, in 2017, the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare launched a program to facilitate the selection of medical facilities for those seeking professional help. This resulted in a general audit of medical facilities across the nation. To which those that passed received a 2 year certification by the Ministry.

Although this has made the Korean medical industry extremely competitive it has prompted innovation and best practice as an industry standard. In the weight loss sector, this has allowed for more innovative and effective procedures to emerge. Which in return has expanded the variety and quality of medical treatments available to patients all around the world.


Best Weight Loss Clinics in South Korea

Weight Loss Clinics in South Korea

As of today, these are some of the most notorious and (government approved) weight loss clinics in South Korea:

  • Seoul 365MC Obesity Clinic
  • Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine
  • Ideal Wellness Chiropractic Center

1. Seoul 365MC Obesity Clinic

The 365 Medical Group is one of the most successful health care providers in South Korea. For instance, it counts with more than 11 years of experience and 16 weight loss clinics nationwide.

The 365MC Obesity Clinic located in Seoul is considered one of the best weight loss centers in Korea. And provides a series of diet programs, as well as liposuction treatments to help patients achieve their ultimate body goals. All weight loss treatments are specifically tailored to each patient’s needs in order to deliver the best results possible.

For those seeking help overseas, the clinic offers English friendly services.

2. Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine

The Kwangdong Hospital provides unique health strentgning programs utilizing Korean Traditional Medicine. The hospital offers a panoply of treatments in a variety of fields such as pain management, weight loss and allergies. In regards to weight loss treatments, the hospital provides three distictive programs:

  • KD Detox
  • One-day diet
  • In-hospital intensive detox and diet program

Overall, these treatments aim to reduce weight by eliminating accrued toxins in the body and stimulating the metabolism and digestive system. In order to provide the best results, each treatment is highly personalized. This requires consultations to be extremely thorough but worth it when the final results came in.

To to induce fat reduction, the hospital utilizes prescribed herbal medicine and herbal treatments like acupuncture and herbal wrapping. The video bellow showcases the one-day diet experience, where you can see all the treatments provided by the hospital.

Video courtesy of Oriental Medicine Hospital Kwangdong

3. Ideal Wellness Chiropractic Center

The Ideal Wellness Chiropractic Center specializes in chiropractic treatments. Nevertheless, it also holds highly rated weight loss programs.

Just like the previous clinics, the center strives to provide the best service for its patients. In this sense, it offers personalized weight loss treatments according to each patient’s needs.

The center holds an experienced and qualified team of professionals, as well as high-tech equipment. This allows patients to receive state of the art service. Patients’ references are a proof of that, with clients coming from all parts of the world.

How Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Can Help You

At Seoul Cosmetic Surgery we understand the hardships of weight loss. We understand it is not an easy journey and therefore recommend you getting professional help.

South Korea holds a long catalogue of high quality weight loss treatments and professionals. So no matter the health care treatment you chose to undergo, positive results are expected.

As a medical tourism agency we believe in the power of communication and transparency. We create bonds with our clients and pride ourselves in granting the best suited medical treatments and clinics for them.

If you are interested, don’t let your weight loss journey go away. Contact us today and achieve your dream body!

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